Selim Bassoul- “Best CEO of All Time”. What’s your opinion?

Leading a company without using any social platforms and email sounds like a pipe dream.

A person diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) turn with a market capital of $15 million in 2000, into a global powerhouse worth $5.5 billion. Would you believe it? SELIM BASSOUL, CEO of the Middleby Corporation is the man.

Selim Bassoul, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of the Middleby Corporation, kitchen supply maker with popular products. He was born on 3rd February 1957 to Antoine Bassoul; an athlete who completed London Olympics in Lebanon in 1948.From his childhood, he himself suffered from severe dyslexia, which never stops him to achieve his goal and now, Middleby is one of the best performing firms in NASDAQ.

It surely is fascinating when you come across a CEO who is leading an organization without using e-mails, attending a meeting or reading memos.

Dyslexia to be more conceptual……

Dyslexia itself allow selim to give more conceptualizing of the bigger picture rather than indulging into details which helped him to achieve goals faster.

ADHD has padlock him from using a social platform such as Facebook and Twitter. He used to think that most of the time is being wasted on emails and social platforms.

Yes, disability made him impatient making his subordinates vexed and couldn’t stand along with him and resigned. But his disabilities made him a more goal oriented, conceptual and efficient.

Selim’s proven to be effective and unconventional management style has been featured in The Wall St. Journal, Fortune, Forbes and CNBC.

So, What’s your opinion?


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