How Larry Page and Sundar Pichai split duties?

Alphabet is the parent company of Google who owns all its subsidiaries.

Agreement between Google parent company Alphabet and the Securities and Exchange Commission disintegrate how the company makes the decision regarding its dozen different business.

Last year, Security and Exchange Commission requested details on how the company breaks up decisions among its executives, according to a CNBC report. CEO Larry Page of Alphabet, receives an efficient financial report about every resource but doesn’t allocate to an individual within Google or within Other Bets.

  • Google CEO (Sundar Pichai) neither receives financial information about alphabet’s Other Bets nor he has any decision-making power over them.
  • Alphabet CEO (Larry Page) receives regular financial information about alphabet but he doesn’t devote them to individual’s product areas nor he receives any profitability numbers for specific products.
  • Neither Alphabet President (Sergey Brin) Nor Alphabet CEO (Larry Page) receive weekly and quarterly financial reports that Google CEO receives.

In an Asian country, big corporates don’t exhibit these – instead, lots of smaller ones tend to build ‘trust-based’ leadership structure. Right?



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